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Week 10 - the halfway point!

We passed the halfway point so it was time to start the countdown apps on my phone. End of course, Contiki and seeing Peach are all very exciting things to look forward to!

Tuesday a snow storm came out of nowhere! Since we work in the basement we have no idea whats going on in the real world. When we pop up out the stairs to this…
Heres the construction site outside work, where they are making a light rail line through town.
It was literally a white out. Sitting on the couch I couldn’t see anything out my apartment window.

Another test down usually calls for a trip for Gem and I to get ice cream. This week was no different, we went to our usual fave – Nestle – but the door was shut. When we looked through the windows, the tables and chairs were gone, ice cream machines ripped out and there was rubbish everywhere. A notice was up in the window saying that they owed $71,000 in rent – yikes! We had just been in here two weeks earlier with Ryan!
We had to make a trip to our second fave - Menzies.

Friday night we were invited to drinks by the new NZ High Commissioner in Ottawa, Daniel Mellsop. The four of us kiwis went along with two army guys who are also in town. We thought it would be a huge thing, but turned out just to be us and his three office staff! The mix of accents were so refreshing to hear, the NZ wine was flowing and the cheese and grape platters were delish. We stayed for a few hours, then Daniel had to leave, but we were having a such a good time we stayed on and partied with the office staff! The offices were amazing, all kiwiana and green themed. Thanks for a great night.

Saturday we got to experience the lovely ‘Érablière du Nouveau Monde’ - a beautiful little family sugar shack in the middle of nowhere in Quebec (literally, it took 2.45 hours to get there!). Look at the lollies in the petrol station enroute. Bulk bin NZ style!

One of the guys from the basement had organised to take us as it is owned by his brother and family. We went up with a group of 10 of us. When we finally arrived we were greeted to this cute little wooden cabin, with blue gingham table cloths and matching pottery dinnersets. The room had a projector and screen and they were playing folk music videos. We were greeted by the lovely family, and our host was called Frank. He was hilarious and took a special liking to me right from the start as I greeted him with a hug which took him by surprise!

We sat at the table and food just arrived. It was awesome, but you never knew when it was going to stop or what would be coming up next. We started with these…
Deep fried pigs ears!!! Apparently a Frenchie delicacy, they were all hoeing into them so I was brave and gave it a go!!! Totally not for me but fun to try it haha. Next came the home grown pickles, grandmas recipe of green tomato ‘ketchup’ (chutney!) and pickled beets. Then we moved onto delicious split pea soup and bread rolls. Then it was time for the main course. Mini sausages in maple water, fluffy egg quiche, spuds, beans.. you name it. Cocktails continued and dessert was a range of things you could choose off a tray, I had a sugar tart and a French meringue cream. If that wasn’t enough, then came out the pancakes with maple syrup, tea and coffee and more drinks. The rest of the group covered EVERYTHING in maple syrup, doesn’t matter if it was sweet or savoury, pigs ears…

The bar was made from tree branches and decorated in fairy lights, so cute. The cutest part was that the 12 year old twins served the food at the table – such well mannered kids.
By this stage we had had enough food to last us all winter and it was time to go, but Frank took us outside and let us have a go at rolling our own taffy on ice. I honestly couldn’t fit one more morsel into my mouth but they wouldn’t take no for an answer, and before you know it I was having a Bridget Jones moment and getting taffy stuck in my hair. Hahahaha only me. Thank you for having us it was awesome!

The evening was spent cleaning and sweating off the food coma, and skyping with Darcy!

Sunday was time to use my voucher that Ryan had got for me earlier in the week for passing all my exams and making it this far unscathed! I walked down to the Iso Spa on Bank Street. http://www.isospa.ca/ is only two months old and is Ottawas only Float spa! They have 4x of these pod like tanks which are filled with Epsom Salts. You float around in the tank, relax, unwind and destress, and block out real life.
The owner was called Mika and he was really lovely. It is all self contained in the room with a shower included. Im a little bit claustrophobic so I was a bit worried but it was totally fine. You can have the lid as open or as closed as you feel comfortable with, same with the lights on or off. The relaxing music lasts for the first 10 mins, and comes on for the last 10 mins to gently wake you up. The lights flick on with 5 minutes to go and failing that the filtering system will wake you up as it cleans the tank after an hour. Of course I slept through everything and woke up to being flushed away down the tank – not quite but for the story we will roll with it – I slept for about 40 minutes, with the lid totally closed, lights off and a pool noodle behind my neck. Pure bliss! Thanks Ryan for my Sunday treats.

Just a normal person walking down Rideau Street...

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