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Week 15

The week of the hipster!

It was time to head to ‘Sobey’s’ – a hipster, ‘manbun’ type supermarket as the guys in class call it. It’s pretty much on the way home but I haven’t ever stopped in. Lots of good and exciting things that I haven’t seen before.

The best thing (these are totally not on the diet so I showed ultimate restraint) was the huge and delicious range of cakes. These choc, banana and strawberry beautifully decorated cakes were only $7 (plus tax)! Naughty foods and any luxuries get taxed but fruit and veg don’t.
IMG_8499_-_Copy.jpg 90_IMG_8500_-_Copy.jpg

They also had one of those cool vege salad bars like the Wholefoods Market has. NZ needs to get onto this idea.

Holy crap! This looked good.

Even a pizza making station.

Got this ‘nuPasta’ to try. Angel hair!

One of the guys from work has loaned me his wifes bike. He dropped it to work this week, complete with a lock and helmet so I'm all set to take on Ottawa! First day riding home was a 27 degree sunny day, riding along the river home. So beaut and so hot! Saw a baby goose on my way home.
IMG_8556_-_Copy.jpg IMG_8523_-_Copy.jpg90_IMG_8521_-_Copy.jpgIMG_8520_-_Copy.jpg

Statues, flags and tulips on the way home. The canal has been flooded and there is no ice in sight!

Wednesday night Gem and I were invited out to a friend from work’s place, to check out his wifes sewing room. We got a bite to eat in town first, another all you can eat but this time it was sushi, Thai, Chinese, Korean and Japanese! We were there for about 1.5 hours and no one else was in the whole restaurant! Strange though as the food was good and we didn’t get sick the next day haha.

We caught 2 buses out to Pierre and Claire’s place, to be greeted with the most amazing sewing room I have ever seen. This was a sewing room of dreams! Down in the basement, with drawers and compartments, embellishments, ribbons, threads… you name it! We learnt that Claire had never heard of an overlock but instead Canadian’s call it a surger. Claire specialises in quilts, babies and toddlers clothing, and clowns. Such talent!

Shopping down the Spark Street outdoor mall.
90_IMG_8571_-_Copy.jpg 90_IMG_8573_-_Copy.jpg

Saturday I braved the rain, thunder and lightning to head back to Rideau Hall (Governor General’s residence) to head to the Military Tattoo held in the gardens (which would usually be a beautiful setting, but not with the days weather). There was indigenous dancing, highland dancing, 21 gun salute, drill, Air Force & Army bands, even a few Star Wars themed songs. The area I was first sitting in turned out that I could only see the backs of the performers. I walked over the other side, and up into a fairly empty grandstand, where the lady told me, sorry this stand is reserved strictly for Military VIP’s. I told her I was military, she didn’t ask any questions, and I ended up sitting 3 rows back from the Governor General himself and his wife! He had a person sitting behind him whose job was just to hold an umbrella over his head. Officers were dripping with rank in the stands, I was on best behaviour, but it was the best seat in the house!! Glad I braved it for such a cool experience.

Dinner out with Matt & Jeremy, they have one week left in Ottawa before heading back to NZ. I told them about the good souvenir shops to head to before they left, knowing that males would have left all present buying till the last minute! Matt had brought the same clothes to Ottawa that I had so I made him wear them for an excellent photo opportunity. This guy was 17 and performing magic tricks and unicycling in front of the restaurant. He had quite a crowd.

The most awesome present wrapping station and cool driftwood fence.

So much FaceTime with Darcy this week!!!!! Even scheduled in some time with mum and dad and got to see dad modelling his amazing new Canadian umbrella hat that I got him. Will be great at the cricket!

Sunday was an awesome hipster inspired day. I biked down to the indoor Tulip festival at the Aberdeen Pavillion, and stumbled upon a farmers market. Heaps of neat things for sale, and I even tried some elk sausages (yum)!

These lettuce boxes were really cool. I would have got one if I was staying longer.

Tulip Festival Ottawa 2016. They have these giant tulips with really random painted designs on them, including cats, paua shell, parliament, and William Kate & Diana! There were trinkets for sale and old ladies painting beautiful canvas’ of tulip photos.
90_IMG_8672.jpg90_IMG_8674.jpg90_IMG_8677.jpgIMG_8680.jpg90_IMG_8681.jpg 90_IMG_8686.jpg90_IMG_8687.jpg

Please do not over-touch!!! Only small bits of touching allowed.

This guy was making water marbling pictures of tulips. I have never seen it being done before, really cool to watch.

There were a few old school military vehicles parked outside, leftover from yesterday’s military show. Always a good time to do a bit of weekend recce!

I tried my first dark chocolate, no sugar mocha. Delish (a real coffee too)! Here’s my hipster basket, complete with bike helmet, kale and leeks. Hipsters at the counter in front of me, decided to pay their whole order in coins. Hipsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramon Davis in younger years?

Biked home along the canal and stopped to take more pictures of tulips along the way. The red and white tulip are a Canadian special! Revisited the lock that Ryan and I put on the bridge. Still there!

Sauna suit – didn’t even know I needed one!

Lamb mince cups with zucchini fritters.

Coconut flour crust chicken pie.

Healthy Ferrero Rocher balls.

Still making everyone at work fat. Lemon ‘7-up’ cake and apple pastries!

Enjoy your week!

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